Mantas, 28 Days, Trail mix and save the date!

Mantas, 28 Days, Trail mix and save the date!

Author: Ingrid

What’s happening at FFP ?

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  • Transformation Challenge
  • Facebook Challenge
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Hey team,

Well, I finally conquered one of my fears! …… Deep water and things in the deep water!

I went on a snorkelling trip with my family and we actually managed to swim with a manta ray. As much as I was completely petrified (legs shaking etc) of jumping in that ocean, I knew that if I stayed on the boat I would regret it. Thankfully, my daughter Paris was my rock and held my hand the whole way and thank goodness I did it. It was absolutely amazing!! I never thought it would be so stunning, peaceful and beautiful. The manta ray put on an absolute show for us and performed many barrel turns showing us her belly.

We were lucky enough to get a photo of her markings and we have since sent that photo to the Manta Project in Queensland. As every manta ray has unique markings, this is how the project trace their activities etc. This manta ray in particular had never been registered and since we were the first, we got naming rights . Woop woop!! We were pretty thrilled with that and we named her Azaiba.

I then let the kids continue the snorkelling adventure and they saw heaps of reef sharks…. whilst I stayed on the boat…. manta ray was enough for me!

A big thank you to Abby for looking after you all whilst I was away, I know she did a great job.

Winter has truly settled in and I’ve noticed so many people sick in the past few weeks. So please look after yourselves, make sure you are taking your vitamins and if you are feeling a little run down… just take it easy. Listen to your body and try and put as much goodness back into your system so you can fight these nasty bugs/viruses that are hanging around.

A massive Happy Birthday this week to Michael who turned 18 today! So if you see him, please give him a high five…. birthday burpees will show up at some stage too.

Michelle also completed a marathon in Queensland recently and did it under 4 hours, so well done, such a great achievement!

Are you ready for the next Challenge ? 

Our 28 Day Transformation Challenge is starting on the 23rd July!!!

As Spring is just around the corner, it’s time to set goals and sign up.

It’s free for all members and it’s only $99 for newbies.

The challenge is happening at Woodlands/Scarborough bootcamps and also for the Yummy Mummy Bootcamp.

What’s involved?

You can train with us for up to 3 times a week (which ever days & times suit you), weigh ins and measurements are included, plus loads of nutritional information/support and fitness challenges!.

But you have to be in it to win it!

So sign up ASAP and reserve your spot now!

For more details please email or call 0477281802.

You are more than welcome to forward this info to your family and friends who maybe interested.

Facebook challenge

So for those of you that are on Facebook, I’d love to set up a little social media challenge to coincide with the 28 Day Transformation Challenge.

There will be a prize for the person that ‘checks in’ the most to FFP every time they are at training. I will keep a tally, so make sure you get checking!

This will start on the 23rd July and run during the Transformation Challenge for the 4 weeks.

Remember we are also on Instagram, so follow us and keep up to date on what’s happening at bootcamp.


These are a great healthy snack for a little afternoon pick me up. 

  • Roasted pumpkin seed spiced trail mix 
  • 2 tablspoons pepitas
  • 2 tablespoons almond kernels (natural)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons sunflower seeds
  • pinch of sea salt & chilli powder


Dry fry pepitas, almonds and sunflower seeds in a small non stick frying pan over medium heat, cook, stirring for 2mins or until lightly browned. Transfer to a bowl, let them cool then stir in chilli and salt. Store in an airtight container 

Save the date

Celebrating Spring!

Saturday 1st September - FFP catch up at The Lookout in Scarborough

Time TBA

Well that’s it from me this week.

If you need help in anyway to get yourself ready for the challenge next week, please just ask.

See you at bootcamp 


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