Transformation is off and running!

Transformation is off and running!

Author: Ingrid

What’s in this weeks newsletter?

  • A big welcome to our newbies
  • Are you well hydrated?
  • Sandbags
  • 28 Day Transformation is off and running
  • No Junk November
  • Client of the Month
  • Iron Yoga
  • Cardio
  • Save the date

Hi Team!

Well, it sure feels like summer is just around the corner! I hope you have all had a chance to get outdoors and enjoy this glorious weather. I even went for my first dip, only stayed in the water for 3.5 secs as it was freezing, but so nice!

This week we welcome Ruth, Jo, Davis, Hannah, Maya, Gemma, Rachael, Tahnece, Tracey, Rebecca, Sina, Tash, Sole and Patricia to our team. Please give them all a FFP welcome and introduce yourselves if you haven’t meet them yet

As the weather is getting warmer, please make sure you are well hydrated BEFORE getting to training. This will make training much more bearable in this heat and your muscles will thank you for it. Plus hydrate well after training too, as this will help with your recovery. You should aim to drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day.

So good to be training outside again! 

Some of the benefits of being well hydrated are:-

  • Water helps increase your energy and keeps your brain firing
  • Water regulates your body temperature
  • It lubricates your joints and helps muscles work better
  • It helps transport nutrients to give you energy and keeps you healthy
  • Water promotes cardiovascular health
  • Water helps cleanse your body - inside and out
  • Water keeps your skin supple
  • Water helps prevent dry mouth

Some of the disadvantages of being dehydrated are:-

  • Lack of energy
  • Dizziness or lightheaded feeling
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • muscle cramps
  • dry mouth
  • lack of sweating
  • Hard, fast heartbeat 

How do I know if I'm well hydrated?

Easy peasy…. look at your pee! A simple way to make sure your’e staying properly hydrated is to check your urine. If your urine is usually colourless or light yellow, then pat yourself on the back because your’e most likely well hydrated. If it is dark yellow or amber-coloured, then that can be a sign of dehydration and start drinking more water asap!

Training with Sandbags

The last few weeks we have had a lot of fun throwing around the sandbags (which were actually filled with pebbles) at training and I just loved how you all took it on board and literally ran with them. We had sprints, burpees, squats and much more with the bags.

It takes your training to the next level and for some of you who have dropped a few kg’s, that is pretty much what you were running around with before you lost the weight. So have a think about how different your training feels NOW that you’ve drop those kgs and how much harder it was before!

You are all so much fitter and stronger now, because you've been so consistent in your training and eating habits and all this makes training so much easier…well sometimes…. until I make you up your weights/bands etc.

You will be pleased to know that my garden is looking fab as I emptied all the pebbles in around the front trees and the bags have now been filled with sand. So no more uncomfortable pebbles sticking into you, just heavier bags! Hehehehe

You can thank the cardio crew for filling up the sandbags on Saturday as that was part of their training. They had relays of sand sprints, filling one scoop at a time in the bag, running back with the bag and passing it on to the next person until the bag was full. So the last person was sprinting will a full bag! 

So please high five & thank the cardio crew when you see them as it was a tough workout.


28 Day Transformation Challenge is off and running!

What a turn out at all sessions we have had for the last 28 Day Transformation of the Year!

So great to see so many people want to get fitter and healthier before the silly season begins.

We started the Challenge off with partnered 1 minute sprint replays and squats. The people with the highest scores so far were Ryan 8, Deb N,Tony & Michael with 7.5, Mark P, Carol, Craig, Eb, Tania Maslin, Sole, Jodi, Mikaela, Wayne, Willo, Joel, Ben and Ken all with 7.

Well done to everyone! You all know your score, now have 4 weeks to get fitter and faster in order to beat it!

The Fitness Test was a little harder this time, a little more challenging but more fun too! Well I thought so…hehehe.

It’s great to see you all try your hardest. It’s also not just about your score at the end, it’s about making sure you are doing the correct technique as well, which is super important.

You gain more by going slower and doing the exercises properly than you do racing through it and doing things incorrectly just in order to get the high score. So please remember that for next time.

It’s going to be a fun 4 weeks, so make sure you get to training and if you haven’t handed in your food diary to me, please do so by the end of the week. 

I have created a Transformation Challenge Group on Facebook for all members that are participating in the 28 Day Challenge. I will be posting recipes, at home workout, tips and much more! So if you want to be a part of this 'closed' group, please find it on Facebook, send a request and I will add you.

If you have any questions or anything I can help you with, please just ask.

No Junk November

The Heart Foundation have a “No Junk November” campaign going. Why?

Because heart disease - is the single biggest killer of Australians.

People of all shapes and sizes are eating far too much junk food. So as the name suggests, it’s about giving up junk food for a month and choosing healthier options.

This is a fund raiser and if you are interested in helping out click on the link below and register.

What is junk food?

Any food that is high in added sugar, salt and fat. These foods also are low in nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fibre (all the good stuff!) which we all need to maintain a healthy mind and body. It’s really a ‘nothing food’, doesn't do any good for your body, might taste great whilst your eating it, but I’m pretty sure an hour or so after you will feel like rubbish, because that is exactly what it is.

By saying no to junk food, this too will also help you get better results in your 28 Day Transformation. 

Just do it !! 

Client of the Month

This month I am beyond being stoked for this person!. He has been so committed to his training and changed his eating habits in order to get results that he needed.

3 months ago he was encouraged by his doctor to start ‘some exercise’ due to his type 2 diabetes condition. He needed to get his levels down, lose some body fat and get fitter. So joined our FFP team and got right into it!

Well after 3 months of training at FFP, he has lost 2.9 kgs, 4% body fat, 8cms off his waist and 5cms off his hips PLUS his glucose reading went from 9.9 down to 7.7. Apparently his doctor was pretty impressed!!

So please give a massive high five to Andrew Bird (you’ll see him training at the 6am sessions).

I am super proud of what you have achieved so far Andrew, well done and keep it up.

A FFP t’shirt is coming your way! 

Yoga is back !

Due to popular demand Iron Yoga will run again for another 4 weeks, starting next Tuesday 14th November. Class start at 6pm sharp every Tuesday. It’s $15 per session, byo mat, towel and h2o.

Please email me on to secure your spot.

This will be the last block of 4 classes for the year, so don’t miss it ! 


As the weather is warming up, make sure you get to cardio well hydrated and bring along a towel so you can have a well earned dip in the ocean afterwards.

We meet at the playground (behind the Kiosk on Brighton Rd, Scarborough) at 8am sharp.

It’s $15 per session, byo h20.

It’s starting to get very busy down the beach in the mornings now, so allow yourself some time to find a park, in the limited space!

Save the date.

Don’t miss out on our early Christmas/catch up this Saturday night at 7.30pm at The Sandbar.

Please just let me know if you can make it or rsvp on the Facebook event FFP Xmas catch up.

Have a fabulous week and I'll see you at bootcamp! 



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