New Fitness Test, new FFP baby, fun & games, Mother's Day bootcamp

New Fitness Test, new FFP baby, fun & games, Mother's Day bootcamp

Author: Ingrid

What’s been happening at FFP!

  • 55 People have weighed in & are ready to Transform!
  • All fun and games
  • New fitness test
  • A new FFP baby
  • Charity Bootcamp
  • Entertainment Book
  • Mother’s Day bootcamp

Hey Team!

I hope you are getting out and about and enjoying this gorgeous Autumn weather as much as you can! It has been spectacular to say the least. Crisp cool nights but gorgeous sunny days, makes it perfect for getting a good nights sleep and being ready to tackle the day as needed. In saying that…. I know the mornings are getting chilly and I know that it’s warm and toasty in your bed, but …. not turning up to training will not get you the results you signed up for.

So get up and get at them….. I will be waiting for you bright and early!

Last week we kicked off the 42 Day Transformation Challenge with 55 people…YES 55, weighing, in, measuring up and being committed to smashing this challenge out!

We welcome Tammy, Darshini, Corey, Kristie and Tonya joining us in this Challenge too!

It was a great turn out and even better that we got straight into the nitty gritty of it and did a partner drill for 10 mins. This entailed a team of 3 people, one person doing the shuttles runs, one counting the runs and one person doing the 5 station circuit. It was SOOOOOO much fun and so great to see everyone cheer their team mates on. So well done to everyone that participated!


  1. The most shuttle runs in TOTAL were done by Team BRT (Ben, Ryan and Theo) at the 6am session with a top score of 92!
  2. 2nd highest total was by Team BRN (Bron, Ryan and Narelle) at the 6am session with a score of 89…… yes, Ryan did do back to back bootcamp and yes…… you want him on your team because he has the longest legs ever!!
  3. 3rd runners up were Team MCL (Matt, Craig and little but fast lily) at the 6pm session with a score of 88.
  4. 4th runners up were Team DWT (Drew, Wayne and Tony) at the 6pm session with a score of 87…. hot on MCL’s tail…

Such a great effort done by EVERYONE and I am really looking forward to seeing your results in the coming weeks, when you smash out this drill again.

I will give you a weeks notice so you can make sure you get your team organised and get focused once again.

I hope you all enjoyed it as it certainly was awesome to see you all work together as a team.

We then proceeded with the next challenge of the NEW FFP FITNESS TEST….. and boy it pushed you guys. This new fitness test is more about strength and endurance. It was 10mins of push ups, burpees, squats, planks, lunges and so much more!

This test will raise it’s ugly head again in the coming weeks and no ….. I will not be giving you the heads up!

We are into week 2 of the Transformation Challenge and you should by now be just over the hard part. If you have cut certain foods/drinks out of your diet, this week should see you being able to manage things a little better. Maybe the headaches have gone, along with some mood swings and you should be really starting to feel as if you’ve turned a corner…even if it’s a little one.

If you haven’t stuck to your goals/or even started …. what are YOU waiting for? !! Get onto it ASAP…right now… Tomorrow is a new day and just because you may have got slack last week, it doesn’t mean this week has to be the same.

Do you need me to text you and check up on you? Then just ask me, I am here to HELP you get the most out of this challenge in any possible way that I can. I want to see you succeed, that’s what makes me LOVE my job. 

Your health is the utmost importance to ME, this is not a job for me this is my passion.

I love seeing you reach your goals, what ever they may be. It could be achieving one extra round on the fitness test, doing a few extra shuttle runs, perfecting your technique on your push ups, dropping a few kg’s, dropping a few centimetres, put muscle on etc, what ever it is, remember everyone has a different goal, they have different reasons in why they are doing this, but always remember why YOU are doing this. It's also MY goal to see YOU achieve it and walk out of every session with a smile on your face, albeit red and sweaty!

That is what makes my day, everyday.

I’ll let you in a little something…. One of the best things that has happened to me in my 10 year career as a PT, was when a client recently came to me and thanked me. Just flat out, plain and simply thanked me …. not for make them stronger, fitter or faster but for making them happier, happier within themselves. Now that is priceless!

Yes they did get stronger, fitter and faster but happiness was the unexpected spin off from all of that hard work they did, and that’s what changed their life. Boom!!

Needless to say, for those of you that know me well…… I am the BIGGEST spooky la la ever and that moment still gets me every time.

So when I see each and everyone of you achieve a milestone, doesn't matter how big or small it may be, I am totally chuffed and so super proud.

Fun and games

We have been mixing the warms ups lately with a few fun games. It’s a great way to break the ice, meet and chat with someone you may not know and just an around fun activity to do. The shoulder taps were a blast, all though I did spot a few bruises the next day… you may want to re evaluate your partner you are challenging next time! The Burpee Med Ball slam was hilarious and certainly kept you on your toes, otherwise you’d cop a ball in the head! Paper, Scissors, rocks had some people just totally spending the whole time doing burpees!

If you have seen any other games etc that you would like us to try out at bootcamp, please send them my way.

Happy Birthday to Jules, Tracey and Tonya in the past week. Each and every one of them thoroughly enjoyed their birthday burpees ….hahahaha!

Welcome Abby!

In the past week, Abby has been helping me out at bootcmap and she’s fits in just perfectly! Abby will be taking the 6am Monday sessions and then be joining me on a few evening sessions too. So a big thank you to Abby.

New FFP baby

I am so delighted to announce that we have a new FFP baby! The gorgeous Jess C that was training with us right up to 35 weeks, had a healthy little baby girl. Charlotte (Lottie) was in a hurry and arrived last week, weighing in at 2.7kg. Huge congratulations to Jess and Mark, so happy to hear your new little family are doing well.

Judging by this photo, Lottie clearly learnt a thing or two at bootcamp whilst in utero!

FFP Charity Bootcamp

Our Charity bootcamp for Ocean Heroes last Saturday was fantastic! The sun was shining, sky was blue and we had a fabulous turn out. It was all systems go once warm up was complete, then the challenge was on with the card game. It was so great to see people come along with their family and friends and workout for a great cause. We raised $200!!! Such a wonderful effort everyone and thank you to all that made it. It was also great to have Sam, the co founder of Ocean Heroes come down for a chat and explain to everyone, what Ocean Heroes is all about.

Don’t worry if you missed out this time, I am planning on holding another charity bootcamp in July (don’t worry, we will be undercover!).

If you would like to donate, the Ocean Heroes collection jar will be at bootcamp at all sessions. It can be anything from spare change, gold coin donation to whatever you would like.

Remember that you can also purchase the Entertainment Books through FFP and 20% of ALL proceeds go directly to Ocean Heroes.

Click on the link below to purchase your book or a digital copy.

Mother’s Day

With Mother’s day coming up this Sunday (13th May) I would love to see you bring along anyone you like to bootcamp on Thursday night as it will be a special ‘Family’ night. Bring gran, mum, aunty, kids, dads, grandpa, sister, brother etc . If you are bringing someone along, just let me know so I have enough equipment. It should be fun!!

That’s it for this week, I hope you all have an awesome week ahead and remember to stay focused on your challenge, but most of all…. just be happy!


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