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Get FitFaster, lose fat, build strength & endurance. Transform into the YOU you’ve always dreamed of with Scarborough’s #1 group training program!

The Fit Faster Bootcamp and personal training programs incorporates ALL principles and components of physical fitness and well being to include:

Cardio Respiratory Fitness

Muscular Strength

Muscular Endurance

Functional Fitness (Core)

Flexibility Enhancement

Mind-Body Fitness

Nutritional Guidance


All Fitness Levels Are Welcome!

The Fit Faster program is a mixture of cardio and strength training using your body weight,resistance bands, and the natural terrain of the park and/or the beach. 

It is suitable for people of all fitness levels. We do things in intervals to keep your heart rate going and maximize the fat burning. 

It is a challenging and dynamic workout with unique exercises to shock your body. The instructor will motivate you and encourage you to do your best, but not past the point of discomfort. 

You can take a break if you need to AND there is no yelling or screaming!

Our Popular Training Programs

This class helps you build strength and tone up. Gets your heart rate up, gets you lean, fit and strong! 

This class helps you get leaner, fitter, more toned and energised. Babies/toddlers welcome.

A great cardiovascular workout with sprints, time trials, distance running and more! 

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Empowering the Scarborough Community through Health & Fitness

Fit Faster Performance offer outdoor fitness training with a large range of equipment, exciting circuits, working out with a great bunch of people! Come down and be part of the community, train with friends, make new mates and come and see what all the hype is about.

We train people from Scarborough, Woodlands, Doubleview, Innaloo, Wembley Downs, Wembley, Floreat, City Beach, Trigg, Karrinyup, Gwelup, North Beach and more!

Don’t put off tomorrow, what you can start TODAY!

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