Final Transformation winner for 2018, benefits of foam rolling, Christmas catchup and more

Final Transformation winner for 2018, benefits of foam rolling, Christmas catchup and more

Author: Ingrid

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Hey team, 

Firstly I would like to congratulate you all on completing the 6 week Transformation Challenge. I hope you enjoyed it and got something out of it. I know it was a hard one this time, especially at this time of year, but it's a great way to test your will power!

Since we have had some glorious mornings, we've been hanging out in the playground. It's a great way to start the day! 

We've had a few challenges along the way with our 1 min rounds of single leg squats, push ups and burpees. 

Everyone improved overall, some more than others. But the main thing was you gave it a go and you probably surprised yourselves with your fab results. Therefore you can see that you have improved in strength and fitness, so well done everyone. 

Highest reps for single leg squats were:- 

Andrew Z - 58

Brian - 47

Davis - 45

Tony - 43

Amien - 43

Sofia - 42

Highest reps for push ups were:-

Davis - 70

Jo Davis - 68

Matt Pike - 67

Sole - 65

Tony/Shane - 58

Highest reps for burpees were:- 

Abby - 21 

Matt Pike - 20

Sofia/ Deb N - 19 

The most improved for single leg squats were:-

Mike - +17 reps

Shane - +15 reps

Amanda S - +9 reps

The most improved for push ups were:-

Andrew Z  +28 reps

Craig  +20 reps

Matt Pike  +15 reps

Bron Pike +15 reps

The most improved for burpees was- 

Deb N +5 reps

Matt, Tony, Kristyn, Corey, Shane and Belinda +3 reps. 

Huge effort by everyone and I am just amazed at how you all get right into it and want to improve each and every time I throw these mini challenges at you, you all make me very proud! I just love seeing you all get fitter and stronger as the weeks go by. 

Drum roll please !!!!

It gives me great pleasure in announcing our final Transformation Winner for 2018. 

This person has made amazing changes to his diet and exercise and is definitely reaping the rewards now. 

Not only was he a clear winner of this challenge, but he also set his own challenge a few months back with his motor cross sport. He completed a race recently and pulled of a FIRST in his age group. That is a huge achievement on it's own. In fact he was so stoked about it, he brought in the trophy at bootcamp to show me. 

He said that without bootcamp he would never have got to 1st place. It is through all HIS hard work at training where he has become fitter, stronger, healthier and faster!

So please congratulate Tony for being the 6 week Transformation Winner!!! 

Well done Tony, you've come such a long way and I am very happy for you. 

High fives all round at bootcamp next time you are there. 

Tony wins a bag of goodies to help him continue his journey in health and fitness. 

His results are :- 2.8 kgs lost, 1.8% body fat lost and 6 cms lost over all. 

Tony has now managed to get his body fat down to 20%!! 

Our runners up, who also had great results are Wayne D, Myriam and Corey. Well done to the 3 of you and also to everyone else. 

There will be another Transformation Challenge in the New Year, so watch out for it when it comes up.

Foam Rolling..... What is it all about? 

Where do I start?! Firstly, you hear me ask all the time if you guys have been rolling, this is not to be a pain, it's to remind you to do it so your recovery is quicker and better and there is so much more to it as well.

On Saturday I completed a Certified Trainer Education course with BlackRoll and it was all about functional fascia training. What is fascia? Well its a huge network of connective tissue, this tissue connects and wraps around muscle, tendons, ligaments, bones and nerves. Without this fascial network, our organs would be flying around inside our body, muscles would spill out and bones would be left dangling. It also carries many receptors throughout our body, it transfers energy and supports single muscles and it also transports waste products in the lymphatic system. So as you can see it's a REALLY important part of our system and we need to look after it. I could go on about it for days, but I will keep it short this time! 

Basically the healthier the fascia is the better it works. That means we need to stay hydrated as fascia is like a sponge, if left dehydrated it becomes wasted and dry, if it's hydrated it performs beautifully. The saying is "Happy Fascia = Juicy fascia '. So drink that water up! 

Also if the fascia is properly trained ( self massage) or stimulated, the human body's highly complex tissues enable us to run faster and further, jump higher and remain flexible, basically they improve our overall performance.

By doing self- myofascial massage (SMT) rolling this helps keep the fascia healthy. It helps stimulate the tissue's blood flow, dissolves adhesions and it reduces tension in the muscles and fascia. Using SMT rolling it also increases elasticity in the joints, tendons, muscles, fascia, helping restore their natural function.

So after reading all of the above..... you should be getting your roller out I say! 

I will bring in the rollers in the next few weeks, so we can go through some techniques on functional fascia training. 

I have a few rollers in stock at the moment. The mini rollers at $17 each, small Duoball at $28, large Duoball at $34 and the silver rollers are $44. If you would like to purchase something, just let me know. They also make good stocking fillers! ho ho ho  

Don't forget that BlackRoll also have an app, so get it on your phone. All you have to do is select the equipment you are using and it will come up with exercises, training and rollout information. 

80's Bootcamp

It's on next Monday the 26th Nov at 6pm!!

Who doesn't love to make working out fun?

Drag out the leg warmers, fluro tights, leotards and get ready to workout and sing along to all those fabulous 80 tunes.

The following dates are :- 

December 3rd - all sessions Monday and Tuesday will be Bogan themed.

December 10th - all sessions Monday and Tuesday will be Rubik Cube themed

December 17th - all sessions Monday and Tuesday will be Christmas themed.

Cardio is on! 

Don't miss out as there are ONLY 2 more cardio sessions for the year.

One this Saturday and the last one is on the 1st December.

We will meet at the bottom of Trigg Hill (Northern part of the Scarborough foreshore, near gym equipment) at 8am SHARP!

It is $15 per session, byo H20.

FFP Christmas Catch up! 

Don't forget that our Christmas catch up this year is being held at Drift Kitchen in Scarborough from 5.30pm onwards on Friday 7th December. 

Pop in for a drink or stay for dinner, we would love to see you there. 

RSVP - just let me know at bootcamp asap.

Here are some photo's of the crew from the last few weeks.

Well that's it from me this week. Just a little reminder that just because the transformation challenge is now finished, doesn't mean you get to slack off...just yet... I still expect you to be at training.. otherwise I am more than happy to collect you beforehand...even at 5.30am! 

We will be training as per normal until the 21st December and then it's ho ho ho time! 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and keep on smiling team! 


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