Welcome to Spring at FFP!

Welcome to Spring at FFP!

Author: Ingrid

It's Spring time so dust off your runners and get training!

What's in this weeks newsletter?

  • Week 2 of Transformation
  • Welcoming Joel to FFP
  • Spring clean your diet
  • Body weight training 
  • Long Weekend
  • 9.30am session new location (temporary)
  • Yoga
  • Cardio
  • Save the date! 

Welcome to Spring boot campers! 

It’s great to finally have some Spring weather around, I hope you are making the most of it and getting out in that sunshine. 

We now have brighter mornings for our 6am sessions (YIPEEEEE) , but some of you are still finding it hard to get out of bed!

Remember if you start your week with a training session, it just sets you up for the rest of the week. Make it a goal to get to a session either on Monday or Tuesday.

All weigh ins and measurements have been completed for the beginning of the challenge, now it’s up to YOU to stick to YOUR goal and get the most out of the challenge. If you haven’t handed in your food diary, do so this week.

Making one small change in your diet can make a big difference to your results. 

We are now into week 2 of the Transformation and your goal can just be being committed to turning up to training consistently for the next 4 weeks or drinking more water, getting more sleep, making better food choices, starting at the Saturday cardio sessions or cleaning out your pantry and filling it with healthy options.

There’s a huge range of goals, just pick one and see if it makes a difference, I bet it does! 

As we are now able to train outside more, this means we can start focusing on some sprint drills over the next few weeks.

Don’t fear if you hate running, I am not asking you to be a Usain Bolt by any means, I just want you to try and do the best that you can.

If it means starting by doing a power walk or a jog - that’s awesome! That’s the first step to progress. 

We will be doing mini sprints and the Beep Test may raise it’s ugly head again…. you never know!

I know you all have this love hate relationship with the Beep Test, but it’s a great way to see how much you’ve improved since the last time you did it. 

If you have any questions regarding goals, food, exercise or just want to chat about your progress in the Transformation, please just ask me :). 

This week we welcome Nishant, Jen M, Corne and Karl to the FFP team. Go and introduce yourself to them if you haven’t met them yet. 

Happy Birthday to Kerrie C this week!! Birthday burpees are coming your way!

FFP is growing! 

You may have noticed in the last few weeks that the evening sessions have been absolutely bursting at the seams!

Its fantastic to see so many people wanting to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle. 

So with all this happening I had to get someone to help out as it’s MY utmost importance to ensure that you are ALL looked after properly, are working out in a safe environment and are using the correct techniques/postures. All this helps prevent injuries and ensures that you continue to train in the most efficient way to reach your goals. 

So.... it's a BIG welcome to Joel Falconer!

You may have noticed Joel at a few sessions recently and he has now joined the team as a FFP Personal Trainer. Woop Woop !! 

He comes with years of experience in the fitness industry, he’s worked overseas, loves boxing, running, cycling and pretty much any sport! He’s super friendly and pretty funny!

So please go and introduce yourself to Joel and welcome him into our awesome FFP community. 

This week Joel has been running the show (I will be at every session too) as he learns the ropes of our bootcamp. He comes with fresh ideas on warm ups and cool downs and will be putting you through the paces on some exercises. We have some exciting things coming up in the next few weeks too. 

Warm up Fun

Ohhhhh what fun we had this week with a new little warm up game. There were a bag of balls in the centre and 2 teams aside, each ball had a letter S, J, P or B written on them and each boot camper had to run (taking it in turns), grab a ball and the whole team had do the exercise corresponding with the letter.  

S = squats, J= jumping jacks, P = pushups and B= you guessed it, was burpees. 

It was hilarious and a great fun way to warm up before hitting the circuit!

Spring Clean Your Diet 

Spring is a great time to get rid of all those comfort foods hiding in pantry! New season, new pantry!

Even your fridge needs a good overhaul every now and again. So take a good look inside and throw out all the bad stuff and replace it with the good stuff! Get organised with your meal plans every week. This will not only help with eating better meals, but you will also save money by NOT buying unnecessary food items.

Buy only what’s on your weekly shopping list and don’t shop on an empty stomach!! 

Here are some tips for you to start spring cleaning your diet.

1. Clean out the kitchen cupboards

Spring is the perfect time to give your kitchen cupboards a good clean out. Get rid of ANY processed foods including sugary breakfast cereals, biscuits, chips and chocolates and any other junk food you may find in there! This will help you make better food choices when the afternoon munchies hit. 

2.  Buy whole foods

Stock up your fridge with a variety of lovely fresh whole foods, including seasonal fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, oily fish, eggs etc.  I have started ordering a fruit & veg box weekly from Aussie Farmer’s Direct, it’s all seasonal and hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for 12 months in a supermarket cool room. The taste is just amazing ! 

3.  Drink a glass of Lemon and water daily.

Start your day off with a glass of water with a freshly squeezed lemon. It’s a great way to improve your digestion, boost your vitamin c intake and it helps supports a healthy immune system. 

4. Eat a rainbow

Make sure you eat a rainbow of colour in your veggies & fruit everyday. This means you get a great variety of fruit & veg which support your health system and increases your vitamins. 

5. Try to ditch the caffeine 

Ditch the coffee and switch to green tea or herbal tea of your choice. It may take a few days to make this change, but it will be worth it. 

6. To busy for breakfast ? 

Get juicing ! Veggie juices are jam packed with important antioxidants, which help promote optimal health and vitality. 

Bodyweight Training 

The past week we have left all equipment behind and you’ve just been using your own bodyweight as resistance (sometimes the mini bands) and you thought these exercises looked easy hey?  Well actually, it’s really hard! 

I wanted you to realise that you can train anywhere without equipment and still get a fabulous workout. It taught you to focus on activating certain muscle groups, breathe with your movement and slow things down a little.

It was great to see you all taking it on board and learning from the exercises we did, so well done ! 

These exercises can be done in your hotel room, on the beach, in a park or even by the pool …before you hit the ...ahem ahem bar! 

Check out Mikaela doing yoga on the beach in Mauritius last week and wearing her FFP top with pride :)

Nice one ! 

If you are going on holidays soon and want me to write up a workout for you using similar exercises, please just ask. 

Long Weekend - 25th Sept. 

The Monday is a public holiday so there will be NO bootcamp that day BUT we will be running a 6pm Tuesday session to make up for it! So no excuses!!!!!

The 6am bootcamp and the 9am Yummy Mummy will run that day as normal. 

I will be away in Melbourne from the 26th Sept till the 2nd Oct BUT Joel will be running all bootcamp sessions during that time as normal.

So make sure you turn up and have fun training with Joel. 

If you have any questions or need anything whilst I am away, just email, text or call me please! 

9.30am sessions - new location from 27th Sept!

Due to irrigation works starting on the 26th September at Butler's Reserve, we are moving (temporarily) the 9.30am sessions (only) to Deanmore Square for approximately 8 weeks. Deanmore Square is on the corner of Harvest and Bazaar tce, right next to the Scarborough Scout Hall.  

Iron Yoga 

People are getting their flow on and stretching their bodies. We have done 3 sessions so far and I can already see improvements! 

The Iron Yoga is at Woodlands Primary School and the last one is next week the 19th Sept on Tuesdays @6pm. BYO mat, h20 and towel. It’s only $15 per session.

Come along and try something new! Check us out on IronYogaAustalia on Instagram to see what it’s all about. 

Don't worry if you've missed out on the Iron Yoga sessions this month, I will run another block of 4 in October. Commencement date TBA


Saturday cardio is well and truely off and running! This week the crew tackled the hill with speedsac sprints, suicides, long runs and skipping. 

We will be meeting again down at Brighton Road on Saturday @8am sharp for another smashing session. It's $15 pp, no need to book, just turn up. It's for all ages and all fitness levels. 

Yummy Mummy Bootcamp

Our gorgeous yummy mummy's are getting right into training and are loving the fact that they can bring their bubs along and be in a nice and safe environment. 

The classes are growing quickly and there's limited spots available, so if you would like to join in please call Ingrid 0477281802 or email Ingrid@fitfaster.com.au for more details. 

Our intro offer is only $99 for 4 weeks of training! 

Sessions are on Tuesday and Thursdays at 9am at the Scarborough Scout Hall. 

Save the date!

It’s time for the FFP team to get together and catch up outside of wearing lycra! 

Save the date for the Saturday 11th November at 7pm at The Sandbar in Scarborough. 

I know it's so far away, but with school holidays etc and the silly season just around the corner, it's the only weekend I have free....crazy I know ! 

Well, that's it for this fortnight. It's been a crazy few weeks but new challenges and new goals were made.

Make sure you stay focused and committed to YOUR training and remember #nevermissasession ! 


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