These FAQs cover the basics. If you still can’t see what you need, then please give us a call.

All you need to do is choose the right timetable based on where you want to train and sign-up online for the classes you want to attend or you can use book now button.

Once you've signed up you'll get a welcome email with a link to sign your health waiver and then just show up on the day!

Make sure to get started with our Introductory Offer - look for “2 weeks free Bootcamp trial” throughout the website.

Check out the description for each class on your location's timetable by clicking the class name. The sessions we do are a mix of functional strength, core and cardio exercises. We use lots of different equipment such as slam balls, kettlebells, bands, TRX suspension trainers, balance boards, medicine balls, sand bags, ViPR’s, agility ladders and whatever the latest functional training equipment allows us to keep your body guessing.

Some locations also provide Yoga classes to keep your muscles long and flexible and your mind calm, fresh and focused.

All sessions are designed to be loads of fun so you will enjoy yourself and find it easier to stick with it (no more gym memberships you never actually use!).

When combined with the right nutrition advice we have a proven formula to achieve amazing results in a short period. 

If you want details about membership costs, then please sign up, call or email us and we’ll forward them through to you.

We have memberships available from casual to 12 month options depending on your current situation.

There is absolutely no joining fee or other hidden fees. Better still sign up ASAP for your FREE 2 WEEK BOOTCAMP TRIAL. 

You can pause your membership from 1 month to 3 months. If you commit to a 12-month contract, you can cancel at any time with 1 month notice via email to ingrid@fitfaster.com.au or you can downgrade your membership.

If you are sick or injured, you can make up any missed sessions if you are on more than a month contract. If you are training 2 times per week, you can make up your missed session and train 3 times per week within the length of your contract. If you are training 3 times a week, you can make up your missed session by doing a fourth session at bootcamp or a cardio bootcamp on Saturday within the length of your contract. 

Click on our Location page and it has a map showing where you can find the group.

If in doubt, then please give us a call!

 All you need are your trainers, your gym gear, a water bottle and a sweat towel (optional).

If it’s your first time, then make sure your complete our Pre-Exercise Questionnaire form first - once you've signed up check your welcome email for details. If you didn't get an email or you can't find it, then please contact us.

This just helps us control numbers so that classes don’t get too big, particularly during summer! 

It also means we can make sure we have enough trainers and equipment available for you at each session. 

We tend to focus on exercising to feel great and to get healthy. But if you're not happy with your body shape, then of course the right exercise program and nutritional advice can help create some positive changes. 

You will get stronger, fitter, leaner and you will improve your posture and all this will help you feel better. 

If you want fast fat loss, then you’ll want to follow our nutrition guidelines for best results. We give you our Naked Nutrition Meal Plan with recipes, tips, shopping list and extra workouts. We are happy to look at your personal food diary and make suggestions so it’s easier to adjust to the different foods. 

How much you change is up to YOU, we can promise you the world but YOU will only get out what YOU put in. 

Our workouts are designed to accommodate a range of fitness levels and all age levels, from teenagers to people all the way up to their 60’s. It’s not uncommon to have an athlete next to a beginner.

Each exercise has easier and harder variations to suit your own ability, but you may want to work alongside someone who helps push you harder if that’s what you need. 

To get started, look for "Sign Up for Your 1 Week Free Trial Here!" available at on the home page and throughout the website. Sign in and we will contact you within 24 hours. 

We take a bunch of photo’s at our sessions and some are used on social media or for different marketing campaigns. If you do not want you and/or your kids images to be used for this purpose, then please let us know.

We will make sure that we follow your instruction on this, we totally understand!

Yes, why not bring FIT FASTER PERFORMANCE to your work! 

We offer special rates for corporates. 

We also offer private group training sessions and/or health and fitness talks at your office. 

Please contact us for more information.

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