Personal Training

Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Feel Good With Our Refined Personal Training Program That Helps You Transform From Where You Are Now to Where You Wanna Be!

Ingrid has almost 10 years experience in group and one-on-one personal training and knows her training inside and out.

Ingrid coaches all of the Bootcamps which are actually more like personal training.

With all our training, we get to know everyone on a personal level, customise exercises for you to allow for different fitness levels, age, strength, injury and coordination.

Ingrid’s done a bunch of training with Bootcamp groups, Kettlebells and a ton of Yoga. She can help you reach whatever goals you have and talk you through obstacles that come up for all of us.

All training programs include meal plans, recipes and anything you need to get you to your goal.

We’re currently available for a small amount of one-on-one training or you can train with us at one of the BOOTCAMP groups in Scarborough or Woodlands.

Call us NOW on 0477 281 802 to discuss your goals and which way you want to proceed.

If you keep putting it off… you might just keep putting it on.

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