Fit Faster Performance Leggings

COMPRESSION LEGGINGS 3/4 or FULL LENGTH - Sizes S,M,L - black leggings with either Blue or Pink logo - ONLY $55 each


Gradient compression places pressure on the areas of leg that help disperse lactic acid build up. Allowing the user to recover faster and get back into the gym sooner.


Drawing sweat from the body and keeping you dryer reducing chaffing.


Our fabric will not show-through, remaining non-translucent at all times.


Our leggings have a cushioned waistband that ensures maximum comfort at all times, allowing the user to train longer and harder.


For those long runs, enabling the wearer to take house keys, car keys or money.


With 8 point stretch it allows the fabric to cling to the body and move with it like a second skin.

220 GSM

Our fabric is of such high standard that it does not become translucent when stretched.


These are the ones we use at our Bootcamps and have served us well. They are 41″ round and vary in thickness depending on your strength or ability level. We predominantly use the super mini, mini and small Bands. For most Women you are probably best suited to super mini if you are not very strong and mini if you are reasonably strong. For most Men you can use a mini and small if you are stronger. We also have mediums available for those that want something very tough to use. We actually recommend buying two different strength bands so you can switch between them. Contact me direct for payment and pickup/delivery. Super Mini (red) -$20 Mini (black) -$25 Small (purple) – $30 Medium (green) – $35 For the guys who train with us, I know the colours are different to what we have at the moment. Yellow = Red Orange = Black Red = Purple

Mini Bands

I’ve finally received my shipment from the US and now I actually have mini bands you can buy, but they are in limited supply! Prices are below and I’ll keep some with me if you wanna pick some up. Light – Yellow – $7.50 Medium – Green – $8 Heavy – Blue – $8.50 Extra Heavy – Black – $9

Shirts & Singlets

Grab one of our training shirts! There are men’s and women’s styles in a few colours. All are $15 each and stock is limited. Women’s Singlets available in sizes 8-16 (light blue and black), T-shirts in sizes 10-12 (royal blue and black).

Men’s Singlets available in sizes L – XL, T-shirts in sizes L – XL (both in royal blue and black)

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