I have been training under Ingrid for approximately 3 years now. Ingrid is fantastic at what she does! Every session is challenging and full of variety. Not only does she give all her clients a personal touch, she will also alter your session if you are coming off an injury, etc. Ingrid is extremely qualified and exceptional in her field. Bootcamp is like one big family and personally I love that.

Carlee W

Back in August 2016 my sister encouraged me to come along to the two week trail sessions. I had the best time and never expected to love it so much. I have always been active, going for runs or spinning classes. But it wasn't until I started bootcamp that I noticed my fitness levels changing. My running improved, I gained core strength and discovered muscle that I never knew I had. The wonderful thing about bootcamp is that everyday there is a different circuit with different challenges. This is what keeps it fun and exciting. You never know if there is going be a fitness test or a frog squat challenge. Fitfaster Bootcamp isn’t just another fitness group, it is a family. Training with Ingrid and the rest of the bootcamp family is so much fun and motivating. Ingrid encourages you to push a little bit harder every week to overcome your challenges and achieve the goals you set. I have learnt a lot from Ingrid and I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to train with her and become more knowledgeable about fitness.

Nadia G

Training with Fit Faster Performance gave me the motivation and support I needed to stay fit and strong throughout my pregnancy. Ingrid tailored the workout circuits with low impact exercises that focused on building strength and mobility, as well as keeping me on track with healthy eating. Thanks to Ingrid, I was able to maintain my fitness levels to exercise regularly up until 36 weeks, which made me cope with the physical changes of pregnancy better. After all, growing a baby is no small feat!

Jodi S

I have been training with FitFaster for 5 months now and have enjoyed going to the workouts. The exercises and motivation from Ingrid is fantastic. Already I have seen and felt a improvement in my fitness and weight loss, it is something that on my own I just couldn’t achieve.

Craig W

After years of trying different ways of training and losing focus I have found a fun sustainable way to get fit and stay fit. I've also made great friends along the way and learned about nutrition and lifestyle factors that can improve results. FitFaster is the way for me.

Matt P

I am always pleased to train with Ingrid during our challenging yet fun boot camp sessions. Ingrid is a down to earth trainer who is very motivating and inspirational and does her best to help you achieve the goals that you set together for fitness and nutritional eating. I have been with Fit Faster Performance for almost 4 months now and have made a drastic improvement in my strength and fitness as well as dropped a size in the process! I have also made some great friends and look forward to my three sessions a week. Most importantly – I feel great! I highly recommend Fit Faster Performance to anyone looking to change their lifestyle for the better.


Hi Ingrid and Travis. I just wanted to say thank you for providing the opportunity to participate in your boot camp training. I begun with you in February and was definitely in need of a change to my diet and non existent exercise routine. After the birth of my son I developed a few poor eating and drinking habits for some reason, plus starting a new business I had "no time" to exercise. But one of your 28 day challenges gave me a reason to try something new. I am pleased to say that even after the first week I was feeling better, 5 months later, going a couple of times a week and I have lost 7-8 kilos, have heaps more energy, more clear mentally and generally feel better about my health. Also after partaking in your 21 day detox program I can honestly say that it has changed my perception of food and what it does to you. It was a really interesting experience and I'm stoked to have done it! The training has a fun, welcoming and social atmosphere. Combined with your encouragement, nutritional advice, general support, challenges and detoxes, I couldn't be happier with the results and think it is great value for money. Thank you!

Christopher Bush

I have been training with Ingrid for a few years now and absolutely love it! I have never had so much support and fun while training. I love the attention to ensure we are doing the correct technique so we don't get injured along the way and are always encouraged to strive for more. My fitness and strength have always been its best when attending bootcamp and if I ever need any help with food or training tips for at home she is always willing to help straight away. I would recommend bootcamp to anyone who wants to join a friendly bunch of people to gain strength, fitness and overall improved health.

Erin M

I've trained with Ingrid for nearly a year, and I still don't think we've repeated the same circuit twice! Whether it's cardio, resistance, iron yoga, or the dreaded fitness test, Ingrid keeps it interesting and fun. Her nutritional knowledge and personal training expertise was obvious from our first discussion; she listened to my fitness goals and helped me tailor my diet and workouts to achieve them. As a result, I have become much more toned, and significantly more fit since I began training with her. I highly recommend Ingrid's bootcamp to anyone looking to kick-start their fitness and join a great community.

Kelli P

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